OMG – I had all day to write something and I couldn’t get my creative mind to come out from behind the block of poo currently filling my attention. Frustrating.  Am I too tired? Too bored? Too lazy? Too scared?
I think I need some primal screaming
Stole the header picture from Nat Geo. They rock and the photographers rock and so I just had to…

Scenes. Here’s what happens in a scene:
A character, in a setting, wants something specific and immediate. They are unable to get it. Just when they think they are going to get it, something unexpected happens. Easy right?

I’m at work. I want to go home now and not in 30 minutes because I’m tired. I am unable to go home because it’s not quiting time, however, no one else is here so I’m going to go home. The phone rings. I answer it. The caller wants a lot of information, and when the call finally ends, it’s after time to leave. Now I’m late leaving for home.