Not much writing news to report. Just a quick thought about titles.
There’s a job opening at my work. The title of the position is “Operations Coordinator.” The positions is basically an administrative assistant/receptionist position. For some reason, we’ve been getting resumes from people who have held much higher-in-the-chain-of-command positions like Administrator, Chief Operating Officer, Human Resources Manager. The ad for the job is clear that this is not a management position. The job description indicates that this is not a management position, but maybe people don’t read? Maybe they are just desperate and want any kind of office job? Maybe they are tired of being a manager and want to be a grunt instead? I don’t know.

Another title came up today that made me ponder: Authoress. A female author. It just sounds odd to me. Obviously there are female authors but how many actually call themselves authoress?
“I am the authoress of that epic,” she said in a deep breathy voice while throwing her arms wide as if to encompass the room. “Aren’t you impressed?”

A lovely amusing site for words and their weirdnesses is:  World Wide Words. Check it out!