Needed another word for ‘practice’: habituate, hone, rehearse, shake-down, train, tune-up, warm-up…
All those things I’ve not been doing.


“2) This is one of my favorites. I came across it as I was studying metaphors. On the left side of the page, list tangible nouns. Ocean, flood, steam shovel, cinder block, spoon. On the right side of the page, list intangible nouns. Respect, desire, hunger, flight. Now combine them in a phrase like this:’a of ‘. Examples would be ‘an ocean of respect’, a spoonful of desire’. Let yourself get carried away with this, and you will come up with some very powerful images.”

Tangible (concrete) Nouns:                       Intangible (abstract) Nouns:
Oak                                                                       Sacrifice
Spoon                                                                    humor
Pizza                                                                      frailty
City                                                                        omen
Window                                                                 infinity

Yasmin looked out the window and down upon the humorless city below. Beside her on the desk, a cold pizza sat, impaled by a spoon – the spoon she’d wanted to stick into his eye. The bastard. Neither the city nor her sometime lover appreciated the frailty of the situation. The traffic gods had spoken; the omen had been seen; a sacrifice would be needed. Her sacrifice.
Now if she could only figure out how to get the live oak from the ancient forest in New South Wales to the top of the Chrysler building intact before her time was up, the universe would continue on in its infinity

Spoon of infinity         Oak of frailty       Window of humor     Pizza of sacrifice      City of omen 

I think the above exercise needs a list of adjectives. Or the really cool random generators from Seventh Sanctum: