Get yer head out of yer ass. No, Noah didn’t say that. That’s just where I’m at today.
“Kindness is a general term. I’m defining kindness as that which will end suffering in each situation, meaning that what is kind will depend on the circumstances. For instance, when it comes to pleasurable experiences, the kind relationship to pleasure is almost always nonattached appreciation. If we can enjoy pleasurable moments without clinging to them or getting caught in craving for them to last forever, then we can avoid the typical suffering we often create around pleasure. So the kind thing to do is to not get attached. And if we are not able to meet pleasure with nonattached appreciation and we become attached, then the kind thing to do is let go. And the next level of kindness that is called for is being patient with ourselves in the process of learning to let go. When we start judging ourselves for not being good at letting go, we respond with forgiveness. Forgiveness is also an act of kindness. Get the picture? The kind thing to do depends on the situation. It does not mean being fake-nice all the time. It means being real and responsive.”