Rhodesia’s main trade item is wood. It produces both hard woods and soft woods. Additionally, it produces many herbs, including the rare herb Gurmari, which mages and others use to abolish sweet or sour tastes in potions. The Consortium imports Gurmari from across the Shallow Salt Sea to the port of Adabar. If Rho3 is able to marry Muffina of Adabar, Rhodesia will be able to join in the competition for Gurmari users.

Adabar is ruled by a group of families. It is an independent freehold, and its leaders are elected from the ruling seven families. Adabar is practically an island, with only a thin strip of land connecting it to the mainland. The rest of the coast nearby has dangerous reefs and steep cliffs. The port of Adabar is natural and deep, and has never needed to be dredged. There are several small islands off the edge of the city, connected to it by graceful arching bridges. The city has many canals.

The other large city in the area is Lodamin; city of the dwarves. Dwarves are very mechanically inclined and view anyone who is not technically or mechanically savvy as an idiot. Lodamin is a city on a cliff face of the Blackrock mountains. There are many mechanical lifts. Houses and business cling to narrow shelves and are set into the stone. Foreigners stay in the lower levels. The higher up the cliff face one lives or works, the higher in the society. Lodamin trades with Rhodesia for wood. Rhodesia trades with Lodamin for rock and technology, some of which is being used to build the great roads connecting the cities.

The adventuring party made it to the first rest area and healed up. The patrol men were sent out by Captain Theo to, well, patrol. There were no others in the rest area at that time. Lunessa the dark elf mage contacted her superior, Potus, back in Ulnar City, and told him about the note she had seen Rho3 pass to the captain. Potus instructed her to get a look at the note and report back on its contents. Lunessa attempted to seduce the captain when the rest of the party was sleeping or outside. He wasn’t interested, but offered to drink with her. She attempted to poison him, but he caught on, and after a few moments of them both pretending to drink, he asked her what she wanted. She decided to attack him and force him to give her the note. Captain Theo defended himself. Lunessa’s henchmen, Truffles, heard the commotion and called out. Spark ran into see what was going on, but Shim slept on. Captain Theo killed Truffles and severly wounded Lunessa. Spark saved her life, but it was too late for Truffles. Captain Theo asked what Lunessa’s issue was, and she stormed off. Everyone went to bed. In the morning, Captain Theo found that the present for Muffina of Adabar was missing, and in its place was a map, showing the rest area and a lake to the south, with the word “gold!” written near the lake edge. The captain accused Lunessa, but she told him to stuff it. The group decided to follow the map.
On the way, they intersected a brown bear. The fighters prepared to kill the bear, but Fips intervened and became friends with the bear, who told him his name was Beartacolottery (or something to that effect).
The map lead the group to the edge of the lake, where they found a cave in the cliff face. They all successfully climbed down, and lowered the bear with them. They were beset by traps, including an exploding stuffed spider husk that spewed out choking dust. They encountered 20 Jermlaines (1 foot tall brownie like humanoids), and wiped them out. After crossing another pit trap, they called it a day.