So I’ve started to go to the RWA meetings again, as a way to motivate myself to write something. Seeing as I’m unemployed, maybe this is a good time to finish (start??) that next book and sell it.
The local RWA chapter has a Pals Challenge. The challenge is to finish a book by the end of September. There is an email list for people to post their progress (weekly word counts) and get support from others in the challenge. I have yet to get confirmation that I’m on the email list, but I’m going to start writing my book anyway. I’ll just post my numbers here (or I will post my numbers here as well).
So – what story should I write? I have “Kiss me I’m Irish” floating around, which is almost fully plotted. I have “Witch Bottle,” which is mostly plotted. I have a Fringe-like Fantasy idea, and I have a Reincarnation romance idea, and a fairy-changling/rapunzel idea.
This morning, while lazing in bed, I decided I’d try the Kiss Me I’m Irish story as St. Patrick’s Day is coming up again. Maybe I can sell it and it will come out next St. Pat’s Day – wouldn’t that be grand.
Not to count the eggs before I even have a chicken…

so – a little self-encouragement. Go Team! Go Team! Go!