Hey. I’m still alive. Are you?
Kiss Me I’m Irish got to 40k and stopped completely. I got that review and she hated Tad. I didn’t actually read the review, just her comments in her email. Ah well. I didn’t finish and I didn’t make the challenge. However, I will finish the story. Eventually.
I’m in term 3 web design (html class) now. I’m working two jobs (part time), soon to be 1 job (still part time). Hopefully I will have time to write again. And do my homework. And make a 10 item portfolio. I can’t get to term 4 (which starts in Nov) without the portfolio I don’t think. 18 weeks for term 4 (4.5 months) and term 5 and term 6 = 13.5 months, which is 1 year and half a month. It’s october…so I should be out Dec 2013. I hope.
At this point, I’m not sure about animation. I might want to do animation/web, that way I can go anywhere and not just LA.
Anywhere. Maybe Ireland? Oregon? New Mexico?
More soon. I hope.