My friend Auggie suggested that I start writing on my blog again, as a way to get me into writing once more. Smart man.
I attended an RWA meeting yesterday, and the speaker talked about courting the muse. She had several good ideas on how to increase creativity. One of which was to take a variety of words from a poem or some other source, and then turn it into a quick story.
Here are the words she gave us:
still   afternoon   your body   for a moment   hovering   rump   scarlet sky   deep  confusion

And here is what I came up with:
Your body, rump actually, for a moment appeared before me, silhouetted against the scarlet sky. As the light faded, a stillness fell – deepening my confusion. Where was I? Why were we there? Specifically your backside – magnificent though it was against that red sky. How odd that I’d only thought your face as beautiful.
My laugh awoke me just in time to slam on the breaks and avoid the suddenly parked traffic on the 805. A screech behind me told me I wasn’t the only one caught day dreaming. Were they also picturing your ass against the last flame of sunset? I hope not. God, please get this traffic out of the way. I can’t wait to see you.