demonThere is one of those illustration pictures going around on Facebook, as they often do, with a witty saying. It sort of sparked an idea for me (hey!

So, she was so bad at cooking… How bad was she? She tried to make a cake and summoned a demon instead!
No shit? What’d she do with it?
It’s around here somewhere.
::looks around and under chair:: really?
he heh

So, good at magic/sorcery, not so good a domestic stuff. Magic is unpredictable – the conditions have to be exactly right for things to work out right – it’s chaos magic after all. So, you bake a cake, and voila, you get a demon instead. You do your taxes, and a yard-gnome mobster comes to collect buttons. It’s a mixed up, bubble blowing world. Things are never what they seem. Blue cats with large cheesy grins and stuff.
The demon she cooked up is now her cat/ or the old gnome-ish guy who waters her lawn, and sometimes her lover, because every sorceress/witch needs a demon lover, right?