I’ve had a few drinks and just finished watching The Cloud Atlas, which I though was a wonderful movie although I only got the gist of it. It was about freedom and love. More about freedom though.
I also just heard that a friend’s mother has just lost her battle to cancer and has passed away. This is the second lost of a mother in the KE family this year. It makes me sad and sentimental. My friend who just lost her mother said of her sorrow, “I’m just being selfish.” To which I said, “I don’t blame you.” I know death is a transition and that no one living knows what happens after that transition. It’s the big mystery. And one should be present for such things, but I am so not ready to lose my own mother or father, or sibling, friend, or whomever.
Does that mean I’m grasping? Does that mean that I’m not ready to let go of samsara?
I feel bad for my friends’ sorrows. I fear my own.
May we be brave in the face of future sorrows, and face them anyway. May we find the freedoms we seek. May we love with out fear of reprisal.
May we be.