Little mermaid – where the heroine loses her voice.
The heroine is a famous pop star – known for her wild life and stuck up attitude – loses her voice by magic to a rival, who is after her man, her job, her fame. All because the pop star didn’t do something (or was selfish). So she flees the media spot light (after an embarrassing performance where her voice is lost) to Ireland, where she finds a small town to hide out in. The local pub has traditional music in the summer time for the tourists. The pop star has to learn how to communicate without her voice – so she mostly uses notes or a tablet that has a text to speech program. This is where she meets the hero who teaches or inspires her to perform again (she doesn’t tell who she is). She has always played piano and a little guitar, but her voice was her main thing. He gives her confidence to play again – and she learns her lesson about being selfish, and in being unselfish, gets her voice back. She then decides to live a real life (having discovered that her old life was shallow) with the Irish guy.
When she gets her voice back, the media come find her and her secret is out – the Irish boyfriend thinks she’s going to ditch him. The media want her to get back in the spot light. Her nemesis (the other pop singer with the magic) does something. The pop star decides not to take revenge?
In the original, the little mermaid doesn’t get the prince, and not much attention is paid to the voice thing.
So – the pop star is a curious and adventurous person, not afraid of doing things like performing in front of millions. Once she loses her crutch (singing), the only thing she thinks she’s good at, she has no courage. So she has to regain her courage. She also learns that she’s good at other things, other things that she’s taken for granted (or had servants for).
Someone tells her, “You know, fame didn’t do you any favors.” meaning that it was not good for her. She became stressed paranoid person who only felt joy when performing.

What does the hero learn?
He learns not to give up? Not all pop stars are evil?