Troy the marine is suffering from PTSD after spending too much time in Afghanistan searching for the Taliban. He returns to the base near Washington DC, and while on medical leave, settles for a time in Virginia Beach. He is enrolled in an experimental PTSD therapy. He starts seeing people dressed up as if they were in the Colonial times. He thinks that they are re-enactors from Colonial Williamsburg. But they aren’t.
He’s experimental therapy (along with some other circumstance) has transported him back to Colonial Virginia, where he sees some period human rights abuse (that reminds him of Afghanistan), and saves a girl (who he falls for), and then has to face the choice of return to modern times and lose the love of his life (and abandon her to her fate?), or stay in the past and lose modern society.
If he returns (by some fluke – like a lightening storm – or a repeat of the incident that launches him into Colonial times), does he meet the same/similar girl in modern times? Or did she become very long lived (immortal) and was waiting for him? Or was she reincarnated and is waiting for him? or is a ghost? If he meets up with the girl, does she help him solve his PTSD problem? If he doesn’t meet up with the girl, does his trip to the past help him solve his PTSD problem anyway?

If he stays, does he join the revolution and make his mark in US history? Does he die for a universal cause? (“She longs for the East and a pale dress flowing/ an apartment in old Mayfair./ Or to fish the Spey, spinning the first run of Spring/ or to die for a cause somewhere.”) He stays with the girl, but does he change her situation? Does he change his situation (cure his PTSD)?

He’s a knight like the Seely Booth character in Bones. The girl is sort of a social outcast because of her (more modern) ideas on slavery, women’s rights, sex? She has a husband? older brother? who has charge of her and abuses her not only because he can but because he wants to. Need to determine her personality.

So compare and contrast human rights issues in Colonial times to Afghanistan (see Polly about that), get Colonial info from Gail, get PTSD info from Nikki.
Compare/contrast modern times with Colonial times – and the fight for freedom. Tea party then vs. Tea party now?
Was Troy used as a name in 1775-ish? (check time period and events in Virginia)