Trapped in Stone (A Dark vs. Light series story) by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom. Available from Amazon as a Kindle ebook.
Trapped in Stone is a fast-paced urban fantasy that showcases Linda Thomas-Sundstrom’s talent, humor, and sense of romance. The characters, and supernatural aspects of this story are refreshingly unique, and fit well with the setting of “Paris. The city of light, and of love.” The characters’ struggle to be together despite massive barriers, like witches, demons, and death cabs, illustrates everyman’s struggle with temptation.
Imagine being in love, in the first few months of that burning desire and flowing passion; that urge to be with that special someone for every possible moment. Then prevent that union from happening but only one night, once a year.
Thus we meet the lovers, Izzy and Tris. Izzy was rescued by Tris, who sacrificed his freedom to gain hers. Yearly they meet at the top of Notre Dame Cathedral to go through the steps of an elaborate dance dictated to them by the powers of Light and Dark. Tris is trapped in stone 364 days a year, and will continue to be until he can find a willing person to make a sacrifice and trade places with him. And if he does find that willing person, what then happens to Izzy? The powers that be made her his keeper. What happens to her everyday freedom that he gave up some much for?
I enjoyed the layered thematic ideas of freedom, sacrifice, and temptation. I also enjoyed Linda Thomas-Sundstrom’s unique world and its denizens. I look forward to learning more about this world in future Dark vs. Light stories.