Not sure what his name is, but the people at Mr. Ed’s pool hall call him The Wizard, or Wiz. He’s tall, lanky, with dirty blonde/brown hair that’s stringy, long. He wears fingerless gloves, and a long duster coat that’s seen better days. He has black chucks, and skinny jeans. Skinny – that’s him. He’s sort of a hipster. He has his own special black graphite pool cue. They call him the wizard because he’s a wiz at pool. He can always make the odd seemingly around the corner shots. And he understands it – the math behind it. He’s always talking about angles and perception – if you can get him to talk that is. Usually he just smiles a private smile and keeps to himself. But he’s always up for a game, and sometimes he’s up for being the ringer. It’s hard to beat him – especially when he’s in the groove. He’s shooting in balls, but it’s also like he’s composing some symphony – like that movie, what was it? Amadeus. About that Mozart guy. And he’s a germaphobe. Not sure why – I mean, he’s playing in a pool hall – not the cleanest places – but he’s always using a straw or wiping down the balls if he touches them. He doesn’t like to rack, and so you can usually get him to give up the first shot advantage. I’ve only seen him rack once, and he wiped each ball down before carefully, almost creepily, placing it in order, at the exact spot so that the number was perfectly centered, into the triangle.
I figure he’s got some sort of ocd thing. Germs and ocd, and odd. But hey – smile at him, he’ll smile back.

The Wiz is from the future – when science has progressed so far as to be magic. He’s a technomancer, a generalist. His pool cue is like a computer and can tell him probability of things happening – that’s why he plays (besides liking it so much) – but he’s on the run, so he keeps checking his probable future.
In his home time, he was a worker bee at some think tank that was on the cutting edge of technology/magic. He helped create many cool things, until one day he helped create a program/robot/something that was used for evil. And then there was that time bomb that went off (purposefully? not set off by him, but maybe his company? or the bad guys? It was supposed to be fatal – and he and lots of other people from his company and in the general neighborhood were blown up/dumped into the time stream. He figured he cant have been the only one. Maybe some didn’t go too far back in time, or to forward into time. He went back a thousand years or so to 2014. And now the bad guys are looking for him – to make sure that he’s dead and doesn’t tell his secret about whatever it was he made that was evil to the authorities.
I’m sure there’s a girl in the story – maybe a teen? The Wiz appears to be younger than he seems, late teens/early 20s. He’d definitely be carded at a bar. The girl saves him from the bad guys or something. She’s on the run herself from the cops. She’s a petty thief. Lives on the street mostly – doesn’t turn tricks, but doesn’t go home either. Home sucks – physically abusive single parent? drugged out parent? (father? mother?), poverty, ignorance and cruelty. Creepy neighbor child molester. Nope – she’d rather be on the street and crashing at a flop house where she at least can hold her own against the other street kids who flop there – and the shelter is run by an okay lady who isn’t a threat.