You are new to the area and looking for work. You see a note posted in the town square that a noble is looking for a reliable messanger. You like to travel and are curious about the area you are now in, so you apply.
The noble gives you a fast horse, a uniform (which he/she instructs you not to wear in certain areas), provisions for two weeks, a map of the area, and 5 sealed pouches. You are not to open the pouches under any circumstances. You will be paid when you return. The delivery and return should take two weeks.
You make the first delivery without any trouble, but note that the person you are delivering to seems nervous.
Toward the second destination, you notice that you are being followed. You are way-laid by bandits (you think)…
Attacks happen at each stop, and by the fourth stop you think maybe the attacks happen because of the pouches you carry. The noble didn’t say anything about this assignment being dangerous, but she did ask you if you could weild a sword or defend yourself (which at the time, you didn’t find odd). How many messangers has he/she sent out before? Why is XYZ so interested in getting at the messages? Maybe you should look.