Lessons Learned or lessons learned?
I once again had the opportunity to make a complete fool of myself, and in the process, get alcohol poisoning. So of course I took it. Whether I made a fool of myself or not has yet to be determined, but I did get alcohol poisoning, including dehydration, hot and cold flashes, headache, and vomiting. I don’t like to vomit. I’ve always fought it. This time, I learned that I should just let it happen. It didn’t hurt as much.
I found this inspiration page that seems to apply…
“You are reading from the book Each Day a New Beginning.

As the wheel of the decades turns, so do a person’s needs, desires, and tasks. Each of us does, in effect, strike a series of “deals” or compromises between the wants and longings of the inner self, and an outer environment that offers certain possibilities and sets certain limitations.
—Maggie Scarf

What life has measured out may not be what we had dreamed of. Life’s lessons may not be those we’d have chosen to learn. Wisdom dictates that the joy of life is proportional to the ease with which we accept those possibilities for growth that have grown out of our inner desires.

Our desires are like an outline for a written assignment, a research project. They help us to see where we want to go at any one time, but as we move the direction may need to change. The natural flow of “the assignment” will help to refine it.

We may not have tried to “realize” many of our desires in the past. But the time has come. One of the joys of recovery is that we understand our desires are closely related to our spiritual program and our recovery. And we know we are not alone. We need to attend to the inner desires that beckon to us. They are calling us to move forward.

Today, I can take the first few steps.”

Like vomit, which is a natural process, I should probably accept the possibilities and let them happen.