This idea was spwaned from a personal safety demonstration that I attended.
Heroine is distracted and walking down a busy street, texting on her phone. A thief runs past and steals her purse (which is slung over her shoulder). She has a flight to catch, and now has no id and no credit cards. She has to catch that flight because her relative is sick/dying, or there is a funeral, and she has to leave, which is what she thinks the ex-boyfriend is upset about. She may be in a foriegn country (or Washington DC). And the person she was texting with was her boyfriend (who was breaking up with her? upset certainly via text). Her now ex-boyfriend was a spy/double-spy? and just using her for her connections? beauty? as a distraction? He placed something illegal or secret into her purse (which he needed to get out of a hotel/embassy, and she was not going to be searched – and now he has to get it back – which is why he’s upset that she’s leaving). The thief targeted her specifically. The ex-boyfriend is murdered. Now the ex-boyfriend’s company (NSA, FBI, CIA, MI-6?) is trying to get that bit of information/secret back, and she has no idea what is going on. She meets the hero, who is also a spy, and now she doesn’t trust spys (or anyone). He has to earn her trust in order to get the item back. He thinks she’s a pain in the ass at first. She thinks he’s cold and pushy. The theme is “pay attention or your life will pass you by.” If she was paying attention, she would have not lost her purse, and she would have known that her boyfriend was shady and just using her. And of course, love conquers all.