I went to Phoenix Comic Con on Saturday June 7, 2014. Diego traveled with me, and we left at a decent hour. Traffic to Alec’s house was light. Alec and his new girlfriend Courtney were not up yet (we arrived an hour early – but hey – I wanted to get started. That and I am an early riser. I function better in the morning). Diego wanted breakfast, so we left them to get ready and had food at Carl’s Jr. on 24th and Thomas. Diego had a burger and I ate his fries (having already eaten breakfast since I got up at 4:50am, went for a walk, did my morning stuff, and then…)
Back to Alec’s where we picked them up, and drove to the trolley. Parked at an airport parking place, instead of the trolley parking because we didn’t spot the trolley parking (which may have been free). The trolley to the con was full-ish (the con was at the Phoenix convention center), but not as full as the morning trolley to SD Comic Con.
We landed, and Diego and I checked in. Alec and Courtney went their own way.
The SCA had a booth (kind of lackluster) outside, and the Adrian Empire had a much more impressive booth inside in the vender’s area. The SCA guy that Diego spoke to about that (he says it was Baron Otto? Name just went. Old Sun Dragon baron who I know but did not recognize – and I don’t think he recognized me) said that the two groups trade out spots yearly. I think the Adrian Empire did all of the demos. Oh well.
There were lots of local SCA folk about, as seen from the Facebook posts/pictures.
Diego went to see Adam West (batman), and I went to the exhibition hall to see the venders and to take pictures. I ran into Alec and Courtney there. I didn’t see anything amazing – and the crowd was much less than SD Comic Con. Everything except the costuming was much less than SD Comic Con, which is to be expected.
One friend on FB posted that she thought the lines were about equal – but they weren’t. I never stood for more than 5 minutes to get into a panel, where as it often takes 5 hours to get into a popular panel at SD Comic Con. I guess she was standing in line to get an autograph (and well – I’ve no money to do that).
I didn’t actually do any book related things. All of my current favorite tv folks were in one large conference room, so I spent most of my time there.
I ran into Hans on the way to see John Barrowman. Cassia and Hansel were in line to get a picture from someone. John Barrowman was funny but a little gay-rights preachy and not as raunchy as he was in SD. I guess he had to be PG-13. Then Hans and I looked for Cassia and went to lunch at a Thai place called Thai’d Up. It was good. Cassia and Diego found us there.
Then we returned to the conference room where Diego and saw the guy from Arrow (Stephen Anell), who was entertaining and nice to look at. He has a winery with some friend – Nocked something. I wrote it down. The winery is in Washington State. He mentioned having a girl child – so I assume he’s married.
Then we stayed and watched Nathan Fillion, who was not as charming as I thought he’d be. I think he’s tired of the “let’s get Firefly back!” crusade.
Then we went back downstairs and ran into Duke Mann and Duchess Katerina (ex-SCA) who were hanging out with Bam Bam and Simon fighting in some new SCA-like fighter group. Too politically charged for me. Good to see them though.
Alec and Courtney found us and we headed off to dinner at the Arrogant Butcher (which is near US Airways Concert Hall thingy). Hans and Cassia joined us. There was a long wait for seating, and we people watched (which is the primary reason for going to Comic conventions as far as I can tell). Dinner was expensive and okay. Then Alec, Courtney, Diego and I caught the trolley back to the car. Dropped Alec/Courtney off, and drove home. I got home by 11:00. Left at 6:40am. Long day.
During that meeting with Duchess Katerina, I received a voice mail from Katie saying that Uncle Jay was in the hospital and dying. She and the parents would be up in the morning to see him in the hospital. Sedona (and Alec perforce) were going to come down Sunday also. I called Katie (not very good cell reception in the exhibition hall because it is under the convention center), and she said she’d call in the morning.

Sunday morning (today), Dad called and said he and Katie would be up. He said I should look for an assisted living facility for Uncle Jay – so I guess the prognosis is better. We’re off to the hospital to visit.