Day two of the one hundred words in one hundred days

The superhero is known as Maceman. He was the leader of a group of warriors, called the Hammer Guard, who protected an ancient Roman city near Budapest. Maceman was protecting the city from an evil mage, who opened up a time portal to escape. Maceman followed and ended up in modern day Budapest. He was rescued from his confusion by a smart computer geek who was on vacation with his/her parents. Maceman followed the geek back to Phoenix AZ. In Phoenix, with the help of the geek, he found a place to live and a job as a security guard for a mall. He set out to find a way to return to his time. And then… strange attacks start happening to his new city. Maceman realizes that he has special powers and can stop those attacks. So he does. He faces a list of villains (like a drug dealing gang with a new super drug, a Native American deity, a cyborg woman, a nasty hacker). During these adventures, he catches glimpses of his archenemy. Finally, he and the geek track down a device (part magical, part mechanical) that might allow him to go back to his own time. He goes to retrieve it but cyborg woman is there first. They struggle, and while doing that nasty hacker takes the device. Cyborg woman escapes.
Maceman tracks them to a comic con, where they are planning to use the device to destroy the event.
Meanwhile, there is a TV show staring Miles Raymond, who plays the character Maceman, aka. Donald Cosh. The TV Maceman is a superhero who has a magic club, can fly short distances (more like jump well), and has super strength. He protects a fictitious city, has a small team of helpers, and weekly outwits bad guys of all types.
Miles Raymond is appearing at the comic con.