Arthur Dent said that he could never get the hang of Thursdays, but in my mind Wednesday is tougher. It’s the middle. Hump Day – with all the camel images you can come up with. This Wednesday I don’t have anything special going on – just a department meeting, which shouldn’t be bad. Then work work work because that’s what we do. Overtime requested this week, so the boss is getting 15 to 30 extra per day. As much as I can do before my brain stops working.
My brain does that. I’m not sure if it is because I don’t “do” caffeine or because I don’t get enough sleep. Maybe I’m not eating enough protein. Some would blame it on chronic fatigue syndrome or “fibro fog,” which may be true, but somehow I think it’s just that I’m a morning person. By the afternoon, I’m toast. All my battery power is used up by then.
That’s it. A faulty battery.
So – if I were an android, or part android (which seems to be popular. For example, the cool show that was cancelled by SyFy called Almost Human, which featured a human detective with android parts, partnered with a full android with human characteristics), I might have a problem if my CMOS battery wasn’t holding a charge. I could be fighting crime, chasing after a criminal, and Beep Beep Beep, system shutdown in 15 seconds. That would be a drag. My connection to the net (a communications system that full humans can’t hear but the machines can) would cut out, my android parts would stop working, leaving my human bits to drag them around, like having a gimpy leg or a stroke.
Which would mean that my overarching story goal would be to get a new CMOS battery. But something would need to prevent me from getting that. Like they don’t make them anymore. The manufacturer is in a different country. There’s no one to install it for me.
And there would be time pressure – because each time I recharge it (plugged into the wall like a toaster), it holds less and less of a charge, like a cell phone battery. A full drain might be needed. But a full drain might mean that I’d be dead. It’s hard to say. And who would I trust to plug me in once I was unconscious?