What a long week it has been.
Sunday, my sister and father came to see my new apartment, and then went to visit my uncle in the hospital. He was awake and looked okay. He was lucid and interested. He seemed happy to see us. He was skinny though – but I guess you get that way at 84. He coughed a lot, probably a produce of COPD.
After the visit, which was short because we didn’t want to tire him out, we went to my aunt’s house where we had sandwiches and discussed my uncle’s condition. Things were looking up from the time we got the “he’s dying” call on Saturday.
Relieved, my sister and father went home. I think I played WOW and watched tv after that.
Monday I worked. I don’t remember much, other than my boss said we were behind and she wanted us to put in overtime if we could. So woo hoo. 15 minutes or 30 minutes here or there is OT in my book. The thing is, with my job, once I get tired, there’s no faking it. Especially since they (the rest of my team and my boss) watch like cats at a mouse hole to see my mess up. So – the best bet is to quit when my brain stops working. I won’t be doing extensive OT because my brain stops working after lunch.
Tuesday, same same
Wednesday morning, my mother called to tell me that my uncle had passed away overnight. They think he had heart attack. I’m glad my dad got to see him (his older brother). And now he’s the last of that generation, as his sister passed away some 5? years ago. I must have been out of town for that one. I think I was in DC. I tried to visit my aunt after work, but no one was home. I watched Arrow, which I love.
Thursday I did laundry and talked to Deljia, played WOW and watched the last of the Sherlock episodes. It was a good one. The wedding one (season 3 ep. 2) was kinda meh, but I liked this one. Oh well, the internet says that Sherlock will be back in 2016. That seems like forever from now.
I still have to get through Friday (today).
May it be a good day 🙂