The local weather guy says that this year’s monsoon rain will be poor. How depressing.
Woke up dry this morning. No stories bubbling through my head. No voices shouting out – hey, write me down! What’s up with that, teach?
There’s a large house down the street that appears to sit on a full acre – which for this area is a very large plot. It has a garage that is separate from the house, a carport, and at least two wings. The layout appears, from the street, to be kind of an L shape. There are mature eucalyptus trees, one of which has a hawks nest. I suspect that it is a Cooper’s Hawk, which is the only hawk that I’ve seen in the area. The house has blue gray trim and an indeterminate material making up the walls – it’s not obviously brick. It’s set back from the street, and the drive is not paved.
It reminds me of a different neighborhood, where a friend from my teenage years lived. That neighborhood has large trees, large houses of the same age of the one in my current neighborhood (which I think is probably the 1970s), and has a kind of feeling to it. Almost a smell. It’s a smell of affluence and stuffiness, but it’s not actually unpleasant. I imagine the inside of the house is carpet and some title, cream or light colored, wood molding. French doors come off of the kitchen to the patio by the pool. There might be a small separate pool house that has a shower. The house might have that old in-wall vacuum system. There might be a smattering of antiques, but mostly sturdy furniture, some Mexican made, but nothing to obviously modern with chrome or shiny bits.
It’s probably a pleasant house, aging, but still classy.