Yesterday was Tuesday, 109, not Tuesday 108

A scene is made up of goal, conflict, and disaster. The view-point character is the one that usually has the scene goal. That character has the most to learn or the most the lose. In yesterday’s bit of dialogue, the scene was written from Orion’s point of view (POV), but using this information, it should be written from Kate’s perspective, because Kate has the most to learn. She has a goal of finding out what happened at this fire and Orion’s got her information.
So – Kate, what’s your goal? I must learn what Orion knows about this fire.
Conflict will be the thing stopping Kate from her goal, which logically would be Orion or some other barrier. Orion is willing to tell her, so that’s not very conflicting. What if Orion doesn’t want to tell her? What would make him not want to tell her. Something embarrassing? Something suspicious to Kate’s mind? Or maybe he’s just … Perhaps Orion did go into the house to see if someone was in it. A natural move, but a stupid move because he didn’t have any protective gear on. He wasn’t working that night, so he had not legal right to enter the house. Maybe there’s some regulation about off-duty fire fighters helping out at a fire, and he broke the rule. So – Kate can’t have access to Orion because he’s being chewed out by his boss. Or maybe he was hurt while being stupid and he’s taken away to the hospital before she can question him. Or both. Maybe Orion had a good reason (ah! motivation for stupidity) for going into the house. Perhaps he was drawn into the house, like a moth to flame (pun intended). He’s got a mysterious father (which Kate doesn’t know about), so maybe he’s drawn into the not normal fire due to his parentage. Maybe Orion heard a child call out, and thinking that some young dumb kid was stuck in the house, he went in and was trapped by the fire. That would give him first hand experience as to what caused the fire (or at least inside (ha) information), which is information that Kate would want.
So obviously it takes two to tango in this conflict thing. There could be other physical barriers to Kate finding out what Orion knows. Or maybe Kate’s reason for being at the fire is to find out about the fire, and then she learns that Orion has information, so her next goal (at some later scene) is to learn what he knows. In which case, her goal for the scene is to find out about the fire.
Kate, what do you think about that?
I think that I was awakened at 2am and rushed out to investigate this fire, because there’s been a string of suspicious fires and I’m hoping to catch the culprit at the scene. So, I get there a few minutes after the fire fighters do, and they pull out this idiot Orion (he’s a cute idiot) and I think “Ah ha! I’ve got the firebug or at least I’ve got a lead. Let me at him.” Unfortunately I can’t get at him because he’s hurt and has to be rushed to the hospital.
I’m thinking that “rushed to the hospital” is the Disaster. The disaster would be “new information received. A twist or hook” that gives the character pause.
So – this is a no and furthermore, or maybe a sorta and furthermore scene.