Today is Sunday, June 22 in 2014. The summer solstice happened yesterday, so it is officially summer.
And I have no words happening today.
There was a bear in the valley-o. There’s a bear down in the valley-o. The bear broke in to the feed shed-o. Oh oh, the bear broke in to the feed shed. The bear smelled the old horse feed. Oh the bear did smell that feed. It tossed barrels aside looking for that sweet old horse feed. The bear did make a mess-o. The bear made such a mess-o.
The bear ate the feed but left the hay. It must not have wanted the hay. Oh the old horse was upset about the bear eating his feed-o. That bear ate the old horse’s feed-o.
The bear did provide some scat. Man what a pile of scat. That bear did leave some scat to prove that it’d been there-o. Oh oh look at the mess that bear made.
The neighbor wants to shoot the bear-o. Oh the neighbor likes to shoot. What can be done about a bear that eats horse feed and makes a mess? Shoot-oo-oot? Call the game and fish-o? Or hope that it doesn’t come back-o? Oh oh. Hope that it doesn’t come back oh.
The bear came back. The bear wanted seconds of the old horse’s feed-o. That bear just wanted seconds.
Calling that game and fish-o. Hopefully that game and fish-o man will transfer that bear to where he can eat berries and leave the old horse feed alone-o. Oh that bear could just leave the feed alone-o.

Personally, I think we should leave a nightly offering of feed to the bear and maybe it wouldn’t break into the shed and make a mess. But old horse would probably eat it. And then there’d be bear and horse mess-o.
I hope the game and fish-o guy gets here before the neighbor finds that bear-o.
Life in the country. Excitement at a different level.