Wow, Monday again. How does that happen?
Scene = Goal, Conflict, Disaster
Scene is made up of Motivation and Reaction units.
Character is the vehicle that the story is experienced through. Character should have at least one characteristic. Joe is determined, Mary is desperate, Lola is, well, Lola.
Goals are possession of something, relief from something, revenge for something. They are the decision to act. Or, they are goals of achievement or goals of resistance.
Joe is determined to possess knowledge that he doesn’t have but needs in order to achieve his overall goal of solving the problem and subsequently grow/change as a person.
Mary is desperate to keep her secret in order to maintain her current status. By maintaining her current status, she probably wont grow/change as a person and she is not solving her problem, because maybe her problem doesn’t need to be solved. Anyway, it’s Joe versus Mary.
So, write a sentence without the character (in this case, Joe, who has the most drive), then write Joe’s reaction to it.

The woman, Mary, clutched at her purse and looked at him with wide eyes.

Reaction takes specific steps:

  • feeling
  • action
  • thought
  • speech

Joe’s jaw clinched. He started to reach for her to shake some sense in the silly woman, but stopped.
“What’s in the purse?”

Then we’d have Mary’s reaction to that.

Mary flinched and took a stronger grip on her purse.

Then Joe’s reaction to the stimulus that Mary provided.

Joe growled like an angry cat and said in a louder voice, “I asked you. What’s in that purse?”

And so on. I don’t even have to know, as the writer, what’s in the purse, only that Joe wants it and Mary doesn’t want to give it up.

I can do this. I can.