My laptop computer did not want to work this morning. It gave me a “we can’t find the desktop.ini” or some such silliness. I tried to reboot, but got the same message. So I unhooked the multi-USB port, plugged the keyboard into a different USB port and started over. And here I am. So – I guess I need to try the back up to an external hard drive and make a refresh point process again. Last time, it didn’t work. “Backup was unsuccessful.”
And yeah, I hate waiting for it to work. So, back to no patience with silly but useful things.
I must have some sort of ADHD.
My desktop computer worked fine for a few days after I moved in. I even was able to print my Phx ComicCon ticket off of it. Then it refused to even boot. The hard drive just spun and spun and no actual engagement. Which makes me very sad because I have a ton of pictures and writing on that computer. Not to mention a long-term NWN game and other things. I don’t have the funding to fix it at the moment.
What would we do with a computer in our lives? They’re every where. It reminds me of Steve Case of AOL talking about how he wanted AOL in every home and the internet would be in every home and broadband was the future. And he was right briefly. AOL is not in every home now, but its heir, Facebook, is.
Technology. I love it. I hate it when it doesn’t work. I relish those days when I am completely out of cell phone range – not that many people call me or anything. But that’s just my anti-social nature. I need my internet.
And my 8 minutes are up.
Have a good day, ya’ll