Still having computer problems. I tried the back up again and I am not sure it worked – about four hours and 95% and I gave up. Obviously, I’m doing something wrong.
But it let me, reluctantly, get online and get here so – here we go!

yep – no words today.

Holly Lisle

You are the only one who can tell this story and if you don’t it will be lost forever.

And I have stories. I do. They just aren’t talking to me today. There’s the story of the struggling winery owner who inherits a mysterious cursed bottle. There’s the rock band whose tour is doubling as a drug running scheme. There’s the inn keeper whose daughter is stolen by trolls. There’s the just-out-of-college guy who kisses the wrong woman and gets into big trouble. There’s the princess whose reluctance to marry causes her country to go to war. There’s a witch who has to seek redemption for casting a well-earned curse.
All of these stories (and more I’m sure) are there, floating about in my head – somewhere in the dark corner of a closet full of other stuff.
All of the above one sentence summaries are not loglines, or at least they don’t follow the prescribed logline formula (which I can’t remember at the moment but it had something to do with an adjective hero comes in conflict with an adjective protagonist/protagonist force in order to achieve his goal, which is somehow related to a theme. I’ll look it up and get back to you.)

And times up