Last night it rained. Huzzah! It was lovely. I hope it does it again.
When I moved into my apartment, I noticed a bulge on my ceiling near the front door/coat closet. I asked the staff at the complex to have maintenance look into it – and the guy came in and looked and said “My supervisor will have to see this.” Time went by and nothing happened. And the thought of “I should probably get this fixed before the rains come” wondered through my head from time to time. But nothing happened.
Then it rained last night and, of course, the bulge leaked. I have two leaks in fact – one from the bulge and one from right above the coat closet.
I went to the office and said “Hey – I told you about this bulge in my ceiling and nothing happened and now it’s leaking.” And the office girl said “Oh drat. We’ll have to get an external contractor to come fix that. It’ll be Monday before I can do anything.” (Today being a holiday – Huzzah Independence Day!) “Super. Thanks.”
I was convinced to move in to this complex by a nice lady who made things sound like they would be great. The other two office workers are less than customer service oriented though. Sad and frustrating.
I like my apartment. I like they layout and I’m finally starting to make it homey and it feels comfortable. And I hate moving, but I think I may just have to move when my lease is up (or sooner if they don’t fix my ceiling.) Yeay team.
So today, I am down at the ranch and enjoying the cooler air and the high humidity. Hopefully it pours like an open fossett. One the way down I saw four deer and a raven and several small birds. I spoke (on the cellphone right before cell service expired) to my friend who is going to Colorado to help her uncle who has cancer. She was stressed. I hope everything works out there.
I arrived at the ranch to see my siblings and my parents and I am thankful and pleased. The little drips from my ceiling are not so important.
Happy Independence Day