Sneezing. I just had a very unusual sneezing attack. I have no idea what brought it on. According to What Makes Me Sneeze, a sneeze is the body getting rid of an irritant in the nose, and it is a complicated process.
Getting rid of an irritant…So instead of “assassinated” or “rubbed out” (which has more than one meaning) or “removed,” a new word for killing someone could be sneeze. “She was due for a sneeze” or “I feel a sneeze coming on.” An assassin could be a “a tissue” or “a sneezer.”
I can see it now.
Luigi Garbanzo’s ex-mistress went to the police and now he’s due in court.
Disappointed with her, he twirls his pencil-thin mustache and says to his henchmen, “I think Barbara has caught a cold. I feel a sneeze coming on. Call The Tissue.”
Of course The Tissue would be a tall, reedy sort of man, who has a protruding adam’s apple and a receding hairline.
Poor Barbara. Wiped out by The Tissue.