Seventy more days of this and it hasn’t gotten any easier.
How do you describe an emotion? There are universal symbols I’m sure.
Anger is hot, red-faced, clinched fist, stamping foot, high blood pressure, throbbing veins on the side of the head, snarling, forehead in a v, crinkled nose and eyes, clinched teeth. Or it’s cold, with lowered eyelids, mouth in a thin line, body tense. Or it’s a combination, with the throbbing veins and the thin line of mouth.
But what about other emotions? Disdain or joy or apathy?
And what about cliches? Yes, the universal symbols get the message across but what about the freshness factor?
Margie Lawson has some great classes on description and how to make it new and interesting. In fact, she has a class happening right now that I should take about writing the basics, because,

I am waiting for you, Vizzini! You told me to go back to the beginning… so I have.

But of course, I am short on funds for that sort of thing. But that’s a different story not to be bemoaned here.

Today’s wish: May the brain not get in the way of the writing. Just write and stop worrying about if you’re doing it right (write! ha!) or wrong. Just get those words on the page.