It rained last night and my roof didn’t leak. Huzzah! Now they just have to fix the ugly ceiling.

A co-worker was telling me about her sister’s house in the Boston area. She said it has 19 rooms. Boy, I could do a lot of stuff with 19 rooms (and a pile of money). She said it has an indoor pool. The bathrooms are in the process of being updated from the 1950s and the kitchen has been remodeled. Although there are updates going on, her sister wants to keep as many vintage aspects as she can. The house was built in the 17 hundreds (1670?). And old colonial house. I want one. My co-worker said there is a closet where the top part opens up and there is a room behind it. There were eight bedrooms and four or five bathrooms. There is a tunnel to other houses in the neighborhood – unfortunately it’s been sealed off for safety. Man, what a great place to play hide and seek.
Nineteen rooms. So, kitchen (1), dining room (2), living room (3), bathroom (4-8), bedroom (9-16), pool (17), laundry room (18), library (19). Nope, nineteen is not enough. I still want a not-formal dining room, a game/computer room, an office, and a music room. I want an attic and a basement (although I assume that this house also has an attic and a basement where the tunnel starts). I might want a craft room and a dressing room or two. Four bathrooms might not bee enough, so one bathroom for every two bedrooms, so that’s four just upstairs. Then two downstairs. Outside of the house, I’d want a screened in porch or two, and a patio. And then a large groomed yard with big trees and a long winding driveway. This house would not be in the center of town. I guess my tunnel would have to lead somewhere other than the neighbor’s house, because the neighbors wouldn’t be that close by.
A brick house? I’m partial to brick, but wooden could be nice also.
My father told me that his childhood house had a winding staircase that allowed one to look over the edge down at the entryway. They’d put their 20-foot Christmas trees there, and decorate from the stairs. How cool is that?