First of all, I would like to say that the book that I’m reading is getting better, and that any misunderstanding of the content is all my fault and not that of the author’s.
Second, it looks like most of the return comments that I get are going directly to WP’s spam filter. I read through them and I cannot tell if they are actually spam or real comments. I will happily approve any real comments from a seemingly real email address that are appropriate and understandable.
It flooded! Woo hoo! The neighbors up the canyon called about cocktail hour to say that the water was wall to wall and headed our way. Then around dinner time, the next neighbor called to say it had reached her land. And then we retired for the evening, to be lulled to sleep by the sound of thunder and rain. This morning, the water went all the way across the valley. We received about an inch of rain last night, and the weather forecast calls for 60%. Hopefully it happens. I’m not too concerned about getting back to the city. In fact, that’d be okay if I couldn’t get across the valley to the road for a few days. I’m sure my boss would be less than amused though.
One of the laboradors is out hunting up drowned moles and mice to eat. Yuck. I guess we won’t have to feed him dinner.