I was reading back through my blog. It looks like I started in April in 2008. From what I recall, my co-worker urged me to blog because that was the new thing. She was right. She usually is. While she is no longer my co-worker, she is still my friend and I value her input. Anyway, I started 100 words for 100 days back then and didn’t make it. I stated that I was writing off screen (which I was) or in a word document because I was afraid of sharing. I hope I still have some of those word documents and notebooks. I’m sure I came up with some cool stuff. I know I have a log of stuff on my dead (sigh) computer (which I can’t afford to fix at the moment. double sigh).
Anyway, I had just started to read Justina Robson’s Quantum Gravity books, the last of which came out this year. And I was on my way to Ireland (for the second time) and Wales (for the first time) with my sister for her birthday.
It’s good to look back and see what I thought, what I was doing, what I was writing. My writing seemed to be a lot easier back then. No horrible fear of not getting things right. But I did note that I was still having anxiety attacks. Geeze. I need to drop that habit.
What I really wanted to talk about today was a blog that I read by Chris Marie Green. She is a writer who lives in San Diego and a member of the San Diego RWA. She was talking about the difference between Urban Fantasy (UF) and Urban Fantasy Romance (which I’d never even heard of), and the difference between Paranormal Romance and those two. The upshot is, I think, that UF is first-person POV with a less-than happily ever after ending (HAE), a more “good for now” ending, UF Romance is lighter with a HEA, and Paranormal Romance is third-person POV with and HAE that features shape shifters and vampires. The blog is here.
Which got me thinking about Laurell K. Hamilton’s books about Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. They are first-person POV with vampires and shape shifters, but are dark and don’t have an HEA. Does that make them Urban Fantasy or Paranormal without the Romance? Some of her stories are very gory, so does that make them Horror?
Fitting a book into a genre is hard. And my guess is that it shouldn’t be done. The marketing department does not agree.