Writer’s Digest prompt

Your family isn’t cooperating with your writing career, so you’ve decided to go on strike. Write a list of demands that must be met in order for you to return to your chores and household responsibilities. (Don’t forget to make a concession or two to speed up the negotiation process.)

My imaginary family isn’t cooperating with my career. I say imaginary because my family is fairly supportive of my writing, although it is not yet a career. What is a “career” anyway? A job you dedicate your entire life to? A job you spend many years in school for? A company that you start out at the bottom at (like being a bellboy) and then move to the top (to hotel manager)? A writing career might have a path that moves from being published in the school yearbook or online in a blog to having print books spread all over the world, and having your books turned into movies. Whatever the gold ring of writing is, I suppose I want it. Frankly, today (being an odd day – I just feel a little off center), I’d settle with getting my 100 words down and maintaining some sense of “yes, I can string a bunch of words together in a sentence.”
So, demands that keep me from writing.
Too much time at the computer (pain)
Brain blockage
And some concessions to make me go back to writing…
Write to Done says we have good habits and bad habits, and somehow the bad habits have better rewards. Therefore, I’m guessing you have to improve the rewards of the good habits (such as writing everyday.) The sense of accomplishment at the end of a page might be enough. I suspect that the reward system has never worked.

Motivation isn’t some magic force that you either have one day or you don’t. You provide yourself with motivation.

Just like anything else, I provide my own torture and my own rewards. I provide my own motivation. It’s all attitude.