Write to Done has 31 ways to find inspiration for writing, which include music, friends, blogs, and quotes. From Writing Quotes to Inspire I pulled the following
“The story arises in the unconscious.”
~Dorothea Brande~

“What is The Subconscious to every other man, in its creative aspect becomes, for writers, The Muse.”
~Ray Bradbury~

Seeing as I’m having trouble motivating myself to go for a walk (I stepped outside this morning at 5am, and it was like stepping into a sauna. So I stepped into the shower instead), to write something here, and to go to work, I’ll take any prompt I can find.
If the story arises in the unconscious, perhaps I need to spend more time there. That means sleeping, which I love, or passing out, which means I usually have to be really drunk and that means vomiting and that, despite my breakthrough about vomiting, is not on the docket anytime soon.
The Muse. Write to Done’s list also has The Pocket Muse as a source of inspiration. It looks amusing (ha!).

Why do I want to write? Several books have suggested that it’d be good to know this. It’s not to make a fast buck, although money from writing would be nice. It’s not to be famous, although having someone other than my good friends and immediate family read something I’ve written, and like it, might be nice. Hmmm… That “and like it” seems to mean that I want approval. Okay. I want approval. I want to be published, because that’s still the yardstick by which a writer is measured as successful or not. I mean published by one of the print publishers. Epublishing is good and valid and lots of people do it, but I’d like to see a book that I’ve written in paperback at Barnes and Noble (if that company is still around in a year or five). But epublishing is definitely somewhere I’ll be going, as soon as I get a manuscript together. Oye oye oye. Why else? I like it. I like the process of plotting and creating a character, and the research. Do I like the actual typing? Mostly.
I’ve found that, doing these blogs, I reach a point in spewing out creativity where I get tired of typing. The brain is still willing and has ideas, but the fingers don’t have the stamina. So I think, “I’ll remember this spark and I’ll come back and finish this” and yet, I don’t. Perhaps it is because I sit in front of the computer all day reading and typing and adding commas to other people’s work. Or perhaps my writing desk is not as comfortable as it could be (and I suspect no one position or desk is the ultimate in comfort). Or I’m just lazy and haven’t worked up the stamina yet to keep going.
Speaking of going… hi ho hi ho