I actually worked on some writing last night. So I get a gold star next to my name today.
However, looking at my cheat sheet, I don’t really have scenes or sequels because the end of the scene I didn’t end in a disaster (which according to the master Dwight Swain is new information received/a twist or hook) and in my sequel I didn’t end with a decision (where the character works out a solution to his dilemma and that solution becomes the next scene’s goal). So, I thought I was done, and I’m not.
It is a learning process and it’s going to be fun
because it is fun
I write because it’s fun and it’s fulfilling in some mysterious manner to finish a scene (or what I think a scene is until I check my notes).
It’s fulfilling to finish anything. Even a blog entry, or a work assignment, or a work week. Oh yes, the end of the work week, when the time to clock out comes along – that is very fulfilling. Payday is fulfilling, for about five minutes until I pay bills and end up wondering how I’m going to eat for the next two weeks – but it is fulfilling to pay bills and know that I don’t have to worry about them until next month. Money, bah. I think in all of my stories, all of my heroes will have or gain wealth, enough that they can choose not to work, but they work because it fulfills some need. But if they decide they don’t want to work, they can run off to Hawaii without sweating it.
Although it is not payday, it is Friday and I am grateful that I have a job and that my job has benefits.
I am sad, however, that I am not at San Diego Comic Con. Sigh. Maybe next year.