After much pontificating by the weather folk, the sun set yesterday with looming clouds and no rain (“heavy clouds but no rain” as Sting says). So we retired to our beds to dream of life-giving water droplets. About midnight, the light show began. The lightning was like the paparazzi shooting stars on the red carpet at some great premiere. Non-stop lightning strikes. Hail that sounded like rocks being thrown at the windows. Wind and rain and fury. It was fantastic.
This morning, the whole valley was flooded. Much more than two weeks ago, and much deeper. No way am I going to get out in my little car – I’d float. Which is perfectly okay by me. So, yeah, I’ll email my boss later today and attach a picture like the one here and say, “I think I might be late tomorrow.” The weather pundits are calling for 50 percent chance of rain after 11am.
The neighbor up the canyon said that she woke this morning to a shed that had been outside of her patio now inside of her patio, with its contents spewed all over. We figured it a good linear wind could have blown it over the wall. No need for cyclone here. She had it much worse than we do. She reported trees down and phones out. Our phone, which seems to go out at the first sign of weather, was working.
Life is good.