Alien Rock

Being a famous rock star is hard. Especially when an alien invasion hits mid-concert. As lasers and abductions abound, do you think your sick beats can stop this catastrophe? Write about how you attempted to fight off the aliens and whether or not you succeeded.

Had to post this prompt from Writer’s Digest. It amuses me. Especially the “your sick beats” part. I’m not even sure what that specifically means. I know the gist is that your swinging tunes will stop the catastophe, but sick beats?
YouTube has a response:

Urban Dictionary says sick beat is:

Occurs when playing poker. When either you or your opponent goes all-in (shoves) you show down, and when you are statistically a favorite (usually heavily) to win a hand, the flop, turn, or river (any subsequent cards after the show) give the opponent the unlikely win.

Which is strange because Urban Dictionary usually has the dope.

So I Googled “music as a form of mind control” and the first response was Another Side of The Music Industry: Monarch Mind Control O. M. G. ha!
Now there’s some fodder for writing.

Briefly, as I’ve spent most of my allotted writing time with Google instead of actually writing.
Rock star drummer. Rock stars are generally confident and creative. Drummers are not usually the ones seeking the spotlight, with some exceptions like Phil Collins and Lars Ulrich, they’re just there to be the backbone of the band.
Goal: Using the tools at hand (drumsticks, drum kit, microphones, drum stool, and drumming), fend of alien invaders. Let’s go with drum beat as a sonic attack.
Conflict: Alien invaders have advanced technology and have blown up the speaker stacks.
Disaster: The aliens don’t appear to have any ears, so they can’t hear.
Reaction: panic
Dilemma: throw the weapon (drum kit) at the aliens or throw the sticks? either way, throw something
Decision: throw the kit (as it’s bigger) and run like mad.