So sometime last night I remembered that I had actually heard “sick beat” before. It just seemed odd to me yesterday. I’m showing my antiquity.
A rock star is someone who plays/performs/creates rock music. A rap star is someone who does rap. A pop star is someone who does pop music. There’s that genre classification stuff again.

Tony looked out across the stage, past the guitar player, at the darkness where he knew the crowd was. He could see the top of the stadium, but most of the seats were in darkness. A spotlight from stage right swirled around the crowd, showing screaming fans.
“Oh, there you are,” he said into his microphone as the bank of lights at the back of the stage, pointed at the crowd, came on. The crowd roared in response. The rush of it made him smile.
He counted out the beat for the others, and away they went in to the next song.
This particular song has lots of lighting effects, so when the first burst of destructive light came down, it took him a moment to register it.
The happy chanting and screaming turned to frightened screaming.
Another beam shot down out of the inky black sky, taking out a part of the box seats.
The song came to a sudden halt, and the people rushed for the exits.
“Lights,” Tony yelled at the lighting director. The bank of lights that had happily blinded the people now lit their escape routes. Except there didn’t seem to be any.
More cones of destruction shot down out of what looked like a giant triangular prism.
The rent-a-cops shot back at it with their .45s. The added noise of gunfire freaked more people out and there was pandemonium.
His manager was urging the band off the stage. The ship or whatever it was was shooting at the screaming crowd. It didn’t seem right that he’d escape but his fans wouldn’t.