And that’s when the color of the destructive light changed to a blinding green. A beam shot down out of the prism ship – it had to be a ship of some kind – to the stage, right in front of Tony’s drum kit. The light coalesced into a body. A green body.
“Oh my god, little green men,” His manager panted in his ear. “Come on, T.” He tugged on his arm, but Tony didn’t move. Couldn’t move.
The little green man-shaped being waggled an antenna, and a beam of light surrounded them a moment later. Then everything went black.

There’s a fabulous book by Les Edgerton, called Hooked, that discusses the use of hooks. Hooks are those things that pull the reader in to the story initially, and then pull them from scene to scene, and finally to the end. Cliffhangers of a sort. Those things that make the reader want to find out what happens. Dan Brown, in The Da Vinci Code, had great scene transitions, which included hooks.

“Then everything went black” was my attempt at a hook to get the reader to wonder about Tony and his manager. What happened to them? Were they killed? Put to sleep? Sucked up into the prism ship? Did the lights just go out?

And of course, I don’t know because this is all just coming out of my head and on to the page here. So, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.