What if the inciting incident (that thing which boots the character out of his normal world into storyland) was the climactic event?
So instead of writing about the aliens attacking the concert at the beginning, perhaps the climax of the story is the invasion. If that’s the case, then the hero (Tony the drummer) would (hopefully) have the tools to fight off the aliens already, and the attack wouldn’t be as much of a surprise.
Maybe the inciting incident was Tony being abducted by aliens when he was a teenager. Then, 10 years later, the aliens attack and he’s ready for them.

When light and consciousness returned, Tony looked around. He hung upside down, naked, in a chamber of some sort. He could move everything except for his feet, which he suspected were attached to something that allowed him to be dangling like a piece of meat. Hopefully not dead meat. There was no sign of his manager Murray. In fact, there wasn’t any sign of anyone. He seemed to be alone.
He attempted to reach his ankles, and due to the workout his personal trainer had been making him do, he could. But he couldn’t figure out what held him. He stretched toward the floor, and almost touched it. If he’d had on those ridiculous platform boots Murray’d wanted him to wear at the last photo shoot, he’d be able to touche the floor.
He felt a vibration at the bottom of his feet, which sort of tickled and sort of hurt.
The flash of memory made reach for his feet again.
He knew – some how – he’d been in this predicament before. Next, the chamber would open like an egg and…
The room started to split open.
Tony froze