It rained again and my roof still leaks. The gentle sound of water dripping into the one pot and two plastic containers is very soothing. Maybe I’ll just stay home and enjoy the rainy day with a book. Sigh, wouldn’t that be lovely.
Why is it that when the light is obscured by clouds, the morning light, that it is so soothing? I like morning light normally. I love a good sunrise with lots of color and a bright yellow sun rising into a clear azure sky. But I love the gloom too. Maybe it’s the wet gloom that’s appealing. All the colors are fresh, if a darker hue than normal.
According to Kodak, the gloomy light is soft light.

But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?

Romeo might have said,

What soft light through yonder window leaks? It’s a great day to stay abed. Let’s.

And with that thought, I take my leave. C U anon