I’m 3/4 of the way through The High King’s Tomb by Kristen Britain and I’m not entirely sure what the title of the book has to do with the story. This story is the third in the series about Karigan the Green Rider (King’s Messenger) and the first half of the book didn’t have a lot of excitement. I think that’s because the author painted herself in to a corner when, in the last book, the heroine sort of defeated (or at least put off confronting) the big bad guy (by moving the big bad guy to some indeterminate point in the future). So in this third book, she (the heroine) is floundering around looking (it seems) for something to do. She’s sent out to deliver a message (do three things) and she does that and then runs in to the action on the third leg of her journey. It made me wonder if the author could have just skipped to this third, more exciting part. Or, perhaps it will all tie together – the somewhat “ho hum” actions of the first half of the book with the more lively (and like the first two books) second half.
I’m reading to find out if everything ties together, because frankly, I feel that I’m just passing time until the big bad guy returns and stuff
‘gets real.’
And looking at the author’s website, it seems that there are three more books – so maybe the heroine doesn’t reach her goal in this one. I’m ready for her to. I hope it happens.
These books are entertaining, so I’m not panning them. I just want to get there already.
I wonder this waiting for something to happen is because the heroine doesn’t have a firm goal at the beginning of the book. In the first book, she has to get the message to the King. In the second book, she has to get the bad guy to the future (or something. I know I just read it and I don’t remember what her goal was. Yikes, my brains are melting). And in this one, she has to deliver messages so she’s out of the capital city so she doesn’t run in to the King and his fiance (because she’s jealous). Not much of an external goal. She has to deliver messages and attempt to find one person. She didn’t find that one person – but she found out that the soon-to-be queen was captured. So she rescues her and is taken prisoner instead.
And that’s where I’m at so far.
I’m not saying I could do better – but maybe I’m starting to see how this goal/motivation thing works. Or when it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe.