I’m at the last chapter of the High King’s Tomb and yes, the author pulled the strings together. Some of them seemed a little haphazard, but it came together. In addition, a new bad guy escaped. So I imagine the next book will be the search for the new bad guy, who happened to escape into the old bad guy’s territory.
Randy Ingermanson suggests that one has to read a lot of good fiction, in one’s chosen genre, and a lot of writing outside of one’s genre, and a dose of not-so-good fiction in order to identify areas for improvement in one’s own writing. He has a nice monthly email newsletter about fiction writing that is worth checking out.
Identifying problems in one’s own writing is tough and takes some emotional distance I think. Discipline is needed.
I found a nice blog about motivation that I’ll have to read more thoroughly. Did I mention I’m having a motivation problem? heh (which rhymes with meh).
I posted a meme on Facebook that depicts the Cheshire Cat and Alice. Alice asks, “where do these roads go?” The cat says, “Where do you want to go?” Alice says, “I don’t know.” The cat says, “Then it doesn’t matter.” A friend posted that perhaps I was uncaring about my destination (lacking a goal). He’s right, sometimes I lack a goal. But I see the message as more of a Buddhist/Bucakroo Banzai thing – No matter where you go, there you are. Stop anticipating and just do it. So, Alice, no matter what road you go down, you’re going to get there. Just go.