a woman inherits an old house that was her grandmother’s. It has been in the family for five generations. It’s beautiful and of historic value. However, the woman cannot afford the keep the house as a house, as she has a child (or two) and is divorced. She works as a nurse (or something) and transfers to the local small town hospital from some big city. She decides to start a bed and breakfast with her cousin/friend from childhood She’ll continue to work at the hospital and her cousin will cook and clean. (or not – maybe she lost her job and needs a job). The house is haunted. Lots of interesting people come to stay (with interesting stories). One of the ghosts is a handsome man who falls for the woman. He wants to become alive again so that they can live HEA.
So – she wants to make a living at being an innkeeper in order to hold on her ancestrial home. He wants to be alive again. The villain wants to take the home away and supposedly turn it into a subdivision or a sewage treatment plant. He really wants the magic something that’s hidden/buried on the property.