Some random thoughts about Native Americans in space, or shamans in space. So our time traveler/alien is here on Earth in the 1870s or then-about and he’s here to save one specific person, the medicine man of a Navajo tribe that’s about to be wiped out and/or forcibly moved off of its land. This medicine man is needed by the Navajos of the future from which our hero comes.
I see a scene in the 1870s (I’ll get the exact time right later – if I actually write this), out in the NM scrub, maybe near Shiprock (which is sacred). The medicine man is performing an outdoor ceremony. Kit Carson is about to attack. Our hero has been in contact with the medicine man and has tried to convince him to escape. The medicine man says he cannot leave his people at such a time, and he cannot leave without doing this ceremony. So our hero is there trying to figure out how he can protect the medicine man.
Kit Carson attacks. The hero fights back, along with some of the Navajo warriors. The medicine man finishes his ceremony just as Kit Carson overcomes the hero (he’s been knocked to the ground) and is aiming his rifle at the medicine man. The medicine man, standing in the middle of his sand painting, is sucked up into a beam of light – ala Star Trek transporter.
Kit Carson is stunned. The hero is stunned, because it wasn’t his transporter – and now he doesn’t know where/when his bargaining chip has gone. All of the remaining tribesmen attack and route Carson’s force.