And I can’t count this weekend.
Almost didn’t make it to write today. It all started Friday night. Went out to see Guardians of the Galaxy. The best part of that movie was The Groot. Saturday, I attended my first Arizona Mystery Writers group lunch thing. That was fun. They had a Sargent and a Detective from the Sheriff’s office talk about burglary. Interesting information. Animated speakers. The writers I met there were all very nice. The lunch was okay.
Then I drove to Phoenix.
I had the opportunity, or occasion, um…I was surfing through the radio stations looking for something other than “classic rock,” “oldies,” or “Mexican” to listen to (as my iPod’s connection to the car stereo is broken) and I landed on a country station. Anything new is something that could keep me awake and aware. And I-10 is somewhere where one should be aware when driving, in order to avoid hazards like BMWs going 90 when the rest of the pack is going 80 (I know I’m getting old because 80 seems so much faster than 75 when in a pack of cars), sudden slow downs due to Highway Patrol, and the possibility of dust storms. And I-10 has had it share of drug-related car chases involving the Border Patrol, Highway Patrol, and idiots shooting while driving large SUVs with blackout windows.
Anyway – landed on a country station. Listened to this song about a guy watching a girl in a dark bar drinking a beer. He wants to be the beer when she puts it to her lips. He wants to see the other half of the butterfly tattoo that’s obscured by her jeans. He wants to take her outside into the moonlight, and walk with her through fields of flowers. He wants to pick ticks off of her.
He wants to pick ticks off of her from the hard to reach places.
I was shocked. Then I laughed for about three miles, and then I was grossed out. Ticks.
I didn’t know the artist then, but now that I do, I’m still amazed it got airplay. I can just imagine the musician’s mother (yes, musicians have mothers – I’ve even met some).
“Congratulations, son, for getting on the radio. I’m so proud of you.”
“Thanks, mom.”
“But Bradley.”
“Yeah mom?”
“Ticks? Ticks in hard to reach places? I knew I should have pushed for you to be an accountant.”

So I reached Phoenix. Nothing much has changed there. Had a good time hanging out with an old friend. And yep – did myself in again. Sigh. So I didn’t leave as early as I should have to catch my lunch date with other friends in Tucson. One of whom seems to be pissed off now because I failed on the calling to say I wasn’t going to make it part. In my defense, I was getting sick in the bathroom, and I’d forgotten that my phone had the sound turned off (from the meeting on Saturday). Mea culpa. So making it to lunch wasn’t as important as staying on the couch and watching TV for a bit while the nausea subsided.

Lame Pongo. No cookie.