Have you noticed that famous people die in threes? Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, and a lesser known British actor who got a part, at 86 years old, in the Game of Thrones. It’s odd.
Of course, now that I look for other incidences of this, I can’t find them. It seems like Bernie Mac died near the same time as Issac Hayes, and one other…
It kind of reminds me of Dead Like Me. What if there was a call center for reapers? Or a poker game? Or a poker game at a call center? The players could sit around and bet lives. Normal non-famous people would be white poker chips, then the famous people would be the red chips, and the world leaders (President, Pope, Queen) would be blue chips. So this game, one of the reapers made a bet and won, and “reaped” three red chips. The lives would be randomly chosen from some list with life span possibilities. There is some calculation about the number of breaths one gets or the number of heart beats that gives the life span numbers. Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, and the other guy were on the list and were selected. It doesn’t matter to the card players that they still had stuff to do, plans that had been made.
The call center aspect might be workers who answer prayers. God’s a busy entity, so he/she/it needs a call center to answer all of the prayers. The reapers are the special help desk, maybe? The fates (supervisors) are playing poker in the break room? Although I bet anyone working at the call center could get in on the game. EEOC and all that. Workers are souls waiting to be reborn or to move on to Nirvana/Heaven. So the call center is in a waiting area (Purgatory?) Souls are not supposed to look back at their family and friends, but everyone does it through a Facebook-like application.
I can see a story where one worker finds out a loved one is on the poker game list, and so the worker tries to prevent the death (save the life)…
Don’t cash in your chips too soon right?