I briefly caught a show on The Weather Channel about “will you survive” that included sinkholes. Florida is the state with the most sinkholes. Pennsylvania, Texas, and Alabama were also on the list. There was a 300 foot wide sinkhole in Venezuela that had been caused by an old sewer line. It looked like it went down forever. Three hundred feet is huge. The TV show also had tips if one’s caught in a sinkhole in a car. Tip one, get out of the car and out of the sinkhole if you can. Tip two, if you are not able to get out of the car, seal all the windows and then stay as still as possible, because the sinkhole is probably still forming. Tip three, if you don’t have cell service, honk your horn to get attention.
Poor Joe with the lawnmower. No car to cushion his fall or to keep the dirt out and not horn to honk. With a 300 foot sinkhole, Joe would have to fall into another world just to have a chance at surviving.
Here’s a video

May no sinkholes open up under you today. And if one does, may it lead to a safe and soft landing in a wonderful new world.