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Monolithic adj. 1. Massive, solid, and uniform: “The monolithic cathedral.” 2. Large and unchanging: massive, uniform in character, and slow to change.

Merriam-Webster’s word is

rapport \ra-POR\
: relation : especially : relation marked by harmony, conformity, accord, or affinity

The obelisk was created out of a dark stone, granite maybe, quarried at some far off site and painstakingly moved by canal boat to the its current site. Josephina walked around the stone, sharing her eyes from the harsh desert light. Moved in the 5th century, maybe? She stooped to examine the odd hieroglyph at the obelisk’s base.
It was a cartouche of a name, she decided. But not any name she was familiar with.
“Sam,” she called to her assistant, “What do you make of this?” and pointed to the symbol.
Sam looked up from her note taking, the sunlight flashing off of her John Lennon glasses. She scurried over. She was always scurrying. That and her slightly pointed nose made Hamad call her fa’ar, a rat. Hamad, of course, didn’t actually say that in Sam’s presence.
She bent down and examined the cartouche and announced, “I don’t know this name, but the style comes from the 5th century.”
Nice to have confirmation.
“Ala hep zula?” she tried to sound it out.
“Ala ho-ep zula,” Josephina corrected. “They had that strange.” At the sound of a crack, Josephina and Sam looked up. The top of the obelisk had started to crack and glow? Or was it the sun reflecting off of the shiny stone? “diphthong,” Josephina finished her sentence after nothing else happened.
Sam pursed her lips and made a new note in her ubiquitous notebook.
“There’s another cartouche,” she pointed out a moment later, “Just under that sand.”
Josephina pulled a stiff brush from her belt and pushed the sand away carefully.